Re-Bar / Reinforcement Steel Grouting In Concrete

[8mm to 25mm] with Fischer/HILTI Chemical
Part No. VEC8X10
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Terms & Conditions

  • We will require one electrical connection to do the job near the work area.
  • Scaffolding or a staging platform / tabletop to be provided by you, if work is above man height.
  • Markings to be provided by you or your site engineer. Front to be ready to be able to attend to the job.
  • Rebars of cut sizes to be ready and provided by you before we start the job.
  • Since we may encounter reinforcement in the concrete while drilling and not achieve the desired depth at the points marked by you, we may have to shift the grouting of the rebars. For this we may have to mutually decide to shift the drilling and proceed and if not possible then work out a solution on a chargeable basis.
  • We are not liable in any way for the expertise required regarding structures and design for undertaking the work and our role is strictly that of job work as an agency as per your instruction, and control.
  • Rates mentioned on the website are only for services within the KMC Area.
  • Bookings received from Pin Code outside KMC area shall require additional conveyance charges.
  • We reserved the right to revised rates based on physical inspection of the site. Rates quoted are for normal working, as understood at our discretion.

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