Chemical Mortar Dispenser

Dispenser for 2-chamber cartridges - solid, load-bearing design
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This dispenser is suitable for squeezing out one- and two-chamber sealant and adhesive cartridges. The 18:1 transmission ratio enables rapid and gentle squeezing even of highly viscous compounds. Thanks to the freely accessible and rotatable cartridge insert, the cartridge can be optimally aligned and also reaches hard-to-reach areas. The adjustable overrun stop prevents low-viscosity compounds from overrunning.

The dispenser is suitable for quickly dispensing fischer injection cartridges up to 390 m

  • Shuttle cartridges with 345, 360 and 390 ml content
  • Cartridges with 150 ml content
  • Multibond cartridges with 300 ml content
  • Standard silicone cartridges