Cordless Screwdriver (Battery Powered)

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Product Description

Comfortable and Easy to Use Design

Quickly complete your household tasks by using the Black & Decker battery powered screwdriver. For your convenience, the screwdriver has an easy to operate on/off button and also features an ergonomic design with optimal grip, allowing you to hold this reverse rotation screwdriver with absolute ease. This cordless screwdriver kit also has a narrow nose piece that allows you to get to tough hard-to-reach places. The forward/reverse button enables you to carry out screwing applications better. A sleek design gives this screwdriver a modern and cool look.The cordless screwdriver runs on four A4 alkaline batteries and ensures a seamless performance.

Multi-Purpose Use

Along with being easy to use, this battery powered screwdriver is also compact and easy to carry around. This screwdriver set can be used for quickly fixing tasks around the house like changing a light bulb, tightening loose screws on your cupboards, drawers or doors. You can even use the product manually as it has a spindle lock that allows you to carry out the screwing operation without any trouble. Handy to have around the house, the Black & Decker alkaline powered screwdriver set lets you use it freely and flexibly without worrying about any power cables connected to it.

  • Voltage: 6V
  • Battery type: Alkaline
  • Four AA alkaline batteries included
  • Spindle lock for manual use and narrow nose piece
  • Rated Torque: 2.9Nm
  • Weight: 0.24Kg
  • Includes 14pcs lockable bit set

Cordless Tool

Cordless Tool

It is powered by non-rechargeable Alkaline A4 batteries. This enables the user to tighten or loosen the screws in confined places with ease. When in power mode, it produces a maximum torque of 2.9Nm.

Dual Mode

Dual Mode

It features two modes. Power and Manual, the power mode utilizes the battery power and manual mode enables user to use this as a regular screw driver. Switching to either mode is very simple.

Forward and Reverse Function

Forward and Reverse Function

When in power mode, it provides an option of forward or reverse function. This helps the user to tighten or loosen the screw by just pressing the button.

Multiple Drill Bits

Powerful Screwdriver with Multiple Drill Bits

It is a battery powered screwdriver. The box contains four A4 Alkaline batteries and 14 pieces of bits. It consists of single ended 14 bits of different sizes and shapes which are suitable for different type of screws. These bits are made of metal and are corrosion free.