1400W Angle Grinder (5")

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DEWALT manufactures high-quality power tools and hand tools, that are engineered to offer maximum efficiency. The products are designed with smart features to make them user-friendly. This Medium Angle Grinder is engineered for heavy duty applications. It is designed with sleek ergonomics that make it extremely practical and functional. It has a powerful 1400-Watt motor that delivers high speed rotation. This power tool is engineered with safety mechanisms to ensure a prolonged unit life.


This powerful angle grinder is engineered for heavy duty grinding applications. It features a Dual Ejection System (DES) that helps in removing major debris from the air that passes over the motor to offer improved efficiency.

Heavy Duty Motor

This angle grinder features a heavy duty 1400-watt motor that produces a high power output with a high rotation speed of 11500 RPM. The motor has a soft start feature that reduces jerks to ensure a smooth and precise operation.

Engineered for Efficiency

The power tool is engineered to offer high efficiency in demanding heavy duty applications. The pop off brushes help in protecting the armature from damage at the end of brush life for greater motor durability.

Ergonomically Designed

This medium angle grinder is equipped with a side grab handle that can be set up at either side to work with better control. It has an ergonomically designed compact gear case that provides a comfortable grip for excellent reach in tight spaces.

Convenient Operation

This angle grinder has an anti-lock flange that prevents the flanges from getting locked up permanently. It reduces the chances of disk lockup for enhancing the productivity while working for long hours.

Push Button Lock

The heavy-duty power tool features a push button lock that enables the user to change the cutting blade quickly. It comes with an additional hex key for tightening the blade with absolute ease.

Adjustable Safety Guard

The two-way adjustable guard offers improved safety for both left and right handed users. It provides easy fitment with the new guard design. This prevents the user from the grinded particles.

Ideal for Professional and Industrial Applications

This 125mm medium angle grinder is suitable for professional and industrial cutting operations. It offers a consistent and efficient performance that makes it perfect for fabricators.