Hammerset Anchor EA-N

The cost-effective hammerset anchor without approval for multiple fixings in non-structural systems

Product Description

The fischer hammerset anchor EA N is an internal thread anchor made from zinc-plated and stainless steel. The hammerset anchor is ideal for the multiple fixation of non-structural systems that do not require approved anchorage. The assembly of the internal thread anchor is extremely cost-effective thanks to the low embedment depth, fast hammerset installation, and direction-controlled screwing process. The EA N is mounted with the hammer flush to the base material. With the setting tool EA-ST, the sleeve is expanded and braced against the drill hole wall through the driving in of the internal pin. No torque should be applied to the screw to enable correct expansion.
- Simple hammerset installation.
- The metric internal thread allows for the use of standard screws or threaded rods for ideal adaptation in line with the intended use.
- The hand setting tool EA-ST facilitates fast installation.
Sizes (mm) Packing
EAM 6N (6x25) 100 Pcs/Box
EAM 8N (8x30) 100 Pcs/Box
EAM 10N (10x40) 50 Pcs/Box
EAM 12N (12x50) 50 Pcs/Box
EAM 16N (16x65) 25 Pcs/Box