Hammerfix N-S

The hammer-in plug for a simple, fast and economical installation

Product Description

The fischerHammerfix N-S with countersunk head consists of a high-quality nylon plug and a nail screw made from zinc-plated or stainless steel. These are pre-mounted for a fast installation process. The Hammerfix is inserted through the attachment part in a time-saving push-through installation. When the nail screw is hammered in, the plug sleeve expands and creates a secure anchoring in the building material. The fischerHammerfix N-S with countersunk head is ideal for the fixing of wood constructions, plaster and wall connections, and cable and pipe clips in all building materials.

Sizes (mm) Packing
N6 x 60Z 50 Pcs/Box
N6 x 80Z 50 Pcs/Box
N8 x 60Z 50 Pcs/Box
N8 x 80Z 50 Pcs/Box