Diamond Wire Saw

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Large Sections of Concrete which need to be demolished can cost a prohibitive sum when attempted to be done in the traditional way using labor with mechanized demolition hammers and electrical cutting tools.


The job would take a large amount of time as concrete is very challenging to demolish manually. Additionally, of course, if some part of a structure needs to be retained hammers and mechanical impact would be prohibited as a structure behaves almost like glass when there is a pounding impact. Unseen cracking of concrete is not visible but it becomes a nightmare over time and its impact is easily explained when we see seepages and structural cracks that buildings develop. These actually ruin structures which often have to be repaired at many times the cost as compared to what it would have cost to have handled the demolition properly.


The solution which is most cost-effective and absolutely risk-free for any structural damage is an equipment called the Diamond Wire Saw. This is a marvelous tool which is driven with a combination of an electrical and hydraulic powered system to operate a diamond studded wire which is used to slice through concrete and steel of all kinds of shapes and sizes from columns, to parapets, to foundation piles, to bridges and whatever else may be required to be demolished.


The primary cost of cutting is calculated on the basis of the surface area to be cut. There is no way to do certain jobs more efficiently and this tool is a marvel.


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