DH52ME Rotary Hammer Drill

Product Descriptions

AC Brushless Motor

  • Maintenance Free

The product life cycle is significantly extended by eliminating troubles with armature burnout, layer short and commutator wear. Besides, no carbon brush replacement is required.

  • Fastest drilling speed and highest demolition performance in its class even at voltage drop

The efficient brushless motor offers higher drilling performance even with an extension cord used.

  • Compatible with engine generators

Designed to be powered by engine generators as well, thanks to Our original compact and high efficiency inverter circuit.

High Durability

  • The internal double-insulation construction with a very sturdy aluminium die-cast body and a plastic internal stator holder

Improved Handling

  • Push-button, constant speed control with variable speed

Due to the built-in electronic control circuit that can adjust the impact rate according to applications, four-step impact rates can be selected by the rotation speed selector switch.

No Load Speed 110V
110/min 160/min 210/min 260/min
110/min 160/min 220/min 280/min
Full Load Impact Rate 110V
1,000/min 1,400/min 1,800/min 2,200/min
1,000/min 1,400/min 1,900/min 2,400/min


  •  Power Lamp

lights up when the plug is inserted into an outlet.

  • One push action for quick bit mounting
A bit can be mounted by simply inserting it into the tool holder.
  • Large change lever

An up-sized mode change lever is located on the top of the tool body for easier handling.

  • Large trigger switch

Upsized, easy-to-grip trigger switch for more control.

  • Continuous operation function (available for the Hammering Mode)

keeps the tools running even after the trigger switch is released, making chiseling easier.