Claw Hammer

Product Description

Ergonomically Designed Hammer Head

The hammer head is ergonomically designed to provide maximum impact force. The claws at the back help in removing stuck and rusted metal nails with ease. This hammer has a contemporary design with modern aesthetics.

Heat Treated Hammering Head

The hammer head is made with a combination of carbon and steel. This metal is fully heat treated for improved rigidity and durability. It is forged to deliver heavy impact.

Hardened and Tempered Shaft

The hammer has a sheen steel shaft, which is hardened and tempered for improved structural rigidity. This sleek and seamless tube is extremely strong, and it can sustain high impact force

Comfortable Hand Grip

The handle is ergonomically designed and made with soft grip material to offer comfortable hand support. This handle reduces strain on the user’s hand while working for prolonged hours.


The package measures 29.2 x 11.8 x 4.8 cms. This hammer is ideal for delivering heavy impact force in order to break objects. It is suitable for masonry, wood work, fittings, DIY, mechanic work, and more.

Ideal for DIY and Professional Use

The hammer is ideal for domestic, DIY, professional and industrial applications. It has a robust structure and provides 5 tons of force fit head, which is ideal for assembly and professional repairs.