Collection: Steel Fixing

7 products
  • Hammerset anchor EA-N
    The cost-effective hammerset anchor without approval for multiple fixings in non-structural systems
  • Bolt anchor FBN II
    The cost-efficient fixing for flexible use in non-cracked concrete
  • Bolt anchor FWA
    The cost-effective fixation without approval - for use in non-cracked concrete
  • Concrete Screw Concrete screw FBS 6 SK
    The versatile screw solution for fast and simple installation
  • Concrete screw ULTRACUT FBS II US
    The high-performance concrete screw for absolute installation ease
  • Bolt Anchor FXA
    Cost efficient fixing with ETA approval for non- cracked concrete
  • Drop-in Anchor EA II
    The cost-effective hammerset anchor with a rim for quick and easy installation