Collection: Firestop

12 products
  • Cable Coating FCC
    Ablative firestop coating design to prevent the propagation of fire along internal and external electrical cable
  • Universal FireStopping Sealant UFS 310
    Universal firestopping sealant which is suitable for metallic, non-metallic services and construction joints
  • Rapid Fire Seal RFS 640
    Rapid fire resistant sealant
  • Intumescent Wrap Strip FiWS
    Universal intumescent wrap strip for sealing combustible services
  • FireStop Foam
    A single component filler foam with effective fire resistance
  • Intumescent Pipe Wraps FiPW
    An intumescent single or endless wrap for sealing flammable pipes
  • Intumescent Putty Pad FiPP
    Intumescent Putty Pad FiPP
  • Intumescent Acoustic Mastic FiAM
    Flexible fire resistant acoustic mastic
  • FireStop Compound FFSC
    Structural fire resistant seal for floors and walls
  • Fire Collar FFC
    Collar for sealing a wide range of combustible pipes where passing through fire rated walls and floors
  • Coated Panel System FCPS
    FireStop coated panel system for multiple service penetrations
  • Fire Rated Silicone Sealant FFRS
    Elastomeric fire resistant sealant