650W Angle Grinder (4.5")

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Product Description

BLACK+DECKER is a pioneer at manufacturing industrial and power tools. This small angle grinder is equipped with a powerful motor to make cutting easier. This grinder is of the finest quality and rest assured, to get the best in terms of both durability and performance.


The angle grinder is engineered to offer high performance and efficiency, which helps in decreasing the work load on the user’s end. This power tool features:


  • A 650-Watt Powerful Motor
  • No Load Speed of 12000 RPM
  • Supports 4”/100 mm Disc
  • Frequency: 50/60 HZ


High Performance Motor

The powerful angle grinder features a heavy duty motor that is manufactured to deliver a 650 Watt power output with a no load speed of 12000 RPM. The motor is quality tested multiple times to ensure smooth operation.

Engineered for Efficiency

This power tool is engineered with high quality plastic which makes it durable and efficient. It has a compact gear case that makes it easy to use in tight and confined spaces. The advanced fan system provides maximum airflow with a prolonged motor life.

Easy to Operate

The angle grinder features an ergonomic design which makes it extremely easy to operate. It features a two position handle and spindle lock for quick and easy disc change. This device is ideal for cutting, grinding and finishing multiple surfaces.

Ideal for Cutting Stones and Ceramics

This angle grinder has a powerful motor which makes the task of grinding and cutting through rigid surfaces extremely easy. The grinder is designed to cut through thick solid surfaces smoothly and quickly without any hassle.

Adjustable Guard for Protection

The grinder features an integrated adjustable safety guard, which protects the surroundings when the wheel shatters or slips off from the device. This also blocks the trajectory of sparks caused by grinding or cutting.

Precise Operation

This power tool is engineered for precise operation. It offers absolute accuracy with the three-sided adjustable handle for support. Its compact size allows you to cut at various angles. This makes it ideal for shaping surfaces with detailed attention.

Smooth Usage and Faster Results

The angle grinder runs at an extremely high speed, thus making all your grinding operations fast and effortless. It has a simple on/off button function. It also features specialized air vents to cool down the motor. This prevents clogging of the motor. These features allow the user to operate this power tool with maximum efficiency.