2000W, Heat Gun with LCD Display

DEWALT D26414-B1
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DEWALT is a pioneer in the manufacturing of industrial power tools and accessories. This heat gun is designed for professional use and it operates at extremely high temperatures. The gun is ergonomically designed to make operation easy and efficient. It comes with nozzle attachments that are engineered to offer high precision. The nozzles make the gun suitable for use on multiple surfaces with varied applications.

Digital Heat Gun

The heat gun provides instant heated air for various applications. It offers easy operation with its ergonomically designed handle that provides a perfect grip. It also has an LCD display at the back to show the accurate temperature outputs

High Temperature Operation

This heat gun is specially manufactured for professional use. It has an efficient power output of 2000 Watts and provides heated air with a temperature ranging up to 600°C. The device also offers optimised cooling for convenient usage. It is made with high quality plastic and metal to endure high performance applications.

Multi-Purpose Application

This hot air gun can be used for stripping off old paint, drying new coats of paint, varnish applications, re-melting adhesives and removing stickers. It can also be used for welding applications and thawing frozen water pipes. It has a dual soldering and deforming action. Additionally, the gun comes with a cone nozzle and a fish tail nozzle which makes it handy for different operations.

Easy to Read LCD Display

The integrated LCD display gives precise temperature readings for easier operation. This enables the user to operate the gun with the required temperature on various surfaces. The display makes this heat gun suitable for professional use and multiple house hold applications.

Ergonomic Handle

This ergonomically designed heat gun is easy to operate as it has a moulded handle, which provides optimum support and accuracy for efficient performance. It is also light in weight and does not put strain on your hands while operating the gun for longer durations.

Temperature Control Buttons

The heat gun features dual temperature control buttons. It enables the user to operate from temperatures ranging between 50 to 600 degrees with a delta of 10 degrees. This makes it ideal for multiple applications. It allows precise operation on various surfaces without causing any damaged to them.

High Quality Materials

This heat gun is engineered with high density plastic and metal, which makes it extremely durable. The nozzles can operate in extremely high temperatures without changing its shape. This gun is suitable for both DIY and industrial purposes because of its sturdy build and efficient operation.

Easy to Operate

This high speed heat gun is designed for easy operation. The light weight structure weighs only 600 grams and it does not cause fatigue while operating for longer durations. The LCD display further aids the user with precise temperature readings. The nozzles are engineered to operate with complete accuracy.