Measurment Tape

Product Description

STANLEY has a reputation for excellence, reliability, and innovation. It manufactures high quality power tools which are engineered for precision and durability. This compact measuring tape is ergonomically designed to provide precise measurements of up to 5 meters. It comes in a rugged plastic case, which makes it ideal for industrial applications.

Precise Measurements

This compact measuring tape is designed to provide instant and accurate measurements. It has a 5m long foldable scale, which provides readings in centimetres, inches and meters. The measuring tape comes in a tough plastic case, which makes it ideal for industrial and professional use.

Durable Case

The measuring tape comes with a high density plastic case, which ensures long-lasting durability. This case makes the tape ideal for heavy duty use. It also protects it from high impacts and accidental falls.

Easy Operation

This measuring tape is engineered with an automatic retraction mechanism, which makes it easy and efficient to operate. The tape is pulled back automatically into the tough case by the inner coiled spring.

Push Lock

The tape features a push lock, which locks the measuring tape while taking measurements. This feature prevents the tape from retracting and it enables the user to measure accurately without any inconvenience.

Heavy Duty Hoop

The tape has a heavy duty hoop, which allows the user to hook it on to the edge of any surface. This compact tape can be hooked for easy access and storage. The portable tape is acutely sized to fit inside pockets.

Ideal for Professional and DIY Use

This measuring tape is ideal for professional, DIY, domestic and industrial use. It is perfect for measuring short distances. The tape can be operated with one hand. This allows the user to make makings using the other hand.