Cordless Drill Driver

Product Description

This Cordless drill can be used for drilling into wood, metal and plastic. It can also be used for screw-driving purposes. It also comes with a set of accessories for various needs. This drill kit comes with a compact case for storing all tools and is convenient to carry. This 12V Cordless Drill kit comes with compact case and 16 accessories.

Compact Carry Case

This product comes in a compact carry case made out of quality plastic. This case can accommodate the cordless drill and the accessories. It can double up as the cordless tool storage unit when not in use.

Multi-Torque Clutch

24 torque clutch - For accurate torque-speed control. Helpful in drilling into different materials.

Variable Speed Control

Trigger switch mechanism to give accurate variable speed for various requirements.
Forward and Reverse Functionality:
The forward/reverse functionality enables easy shifting between clockwise and anticlockwise directions based on the job you are working on.

Secure Battery Pack

Spring loaded slide pack battery system for quick and easy battery change and a more secure fit.

12V Ni-Cd Battery

The 12V battery drives enough power to suffice your project needs. Additional battery for longer usage.

Bit Accessories

4 drill bits appropriate for wood based applications.
1 inter-changeable screw driving bit to fit various screw-driving bits.

Screw Driving Bits

For various screw driving applications.

Application Shots


Drilling into Wood         Drilling into Metal