Intumescent Putty Pad FiPP

Intumescent Putty Pad FiPP

fischer Intumescent Putty Pads FiPP are manufactured from a red, non-setting, silicone based intumescent polymer and tested in accordance with BS EN 1366-3 for up to 2 hour fire rating and 2 hour insulation. Available as internal and external version, the FiPP is also available in different sizes to suit different socket versions.

Available Product Variants

ArticleDimensionsColourFire ratingGTIN (EAN-Code)Our Price
Art-Nr. 53578
170x170 [mm]red25012184535785547.52Buy Product



  • Excellent acoustic properties
  • Internal and external versions available
  • Primerless adhesion to most substrates
  • Robust detail part E handbook accepted
  • No electrical conductivity
  • Air permeability
  • Quick and simple installation


Application and Permission

ApplicationsBuilding Materials
  • Most flexible partition assemblies
  • Fire and insulation resistance
  • Acoustic sealing
  • Air permeability
  • Plastic and metal electrical outlets
  • Most flexible wall partitions constructed from plasterboard/gypsum board, timber and steel studs



  • Can maintain the fire resistance and insulation of flexible wall partitions, where they are penetrated by plastic or metal electrical outlets and cables.
  • FiPP can also be used for upgrading the acoustic performance of flexible partitions.