Collection: Fischer Anchors

39 products
  • Cable Coating FCC
    Ablative firestop coating design to prevent the propagation of fire along internal and external electrical cable
  • Universal FireStopping Sealant UFS 310
    Universal firestopping sealant which is suitable for metallic, non-metallic services and construction joints
  • Rapid Fire Seal RFS 640
    Rapid fire resistant sealant
  • Injection mortar FIS V
    The versatile injection mortar for anchorings in masonry and cracked concrete
  • Hammerset anchor EA-N
    The cost-effective hammerset anchor without approval for multiple fixings in non-structural systems
  • Bolt anchor FBN II
    The cost-efficient fixing for flexible use in non-cracked concrete
  • Bolt anchor FWA
    The cost-effective fixation without approval - for use in non-cracked concrete
  • Frame fixing SXR with hexagon head
    The efficient with short expansion element
  • Gas actuated fastening tool FGC 100
    Quick and easy fastening in concrete and steel.
  • Epoxy mortar FIS EP
    The cost-efficient epoxy mortar for applications in concrete
  • Injection mortar FIS EM Plus
    The powerful injection mortar for rebar connections and cracked concrete
  • Intumescent Wrap Strip FiWS
    Universal intumescent wrap strip for sealing combustible services